Blown in shower by wife

Install a curved shower curtain rod. Smart Home Here's how to stop your shower curtain from blowing in on you Make your mornings less frustrating with these simple fixes for a shower curtain that blows around. If you have a metal tub, take advantage of the liners with magnets to hold the shower curtain down. Grab a suction cup and binder clip. Even scientists don't know why it happens. Curved shower rods also get the job done. One theory is that temperature differences inside and outside the shower lowers the air pressure around the curtain, sucking it toward the water.

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The reason your shower curtain wants to wrap you up in a cloak of death is much more complicated than anything in your bathroom ever should be.

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How To Keep Your Shower Curtain From Attacking You

If this has ever happened to you, you're not alone. Fast-moving water flowing from the shower head creates a low-pressure area, and the higher-pressure air outside the shower presses the curtain against you in its endeavor for equilibrium. After you get in the shower, force the wire loop on the binder clip around the nub on the suction cup to secure the curtain. Curved shower rods also get the job done. Another is that the shower spray creates a vortex with lower air pressure at the center that draws the curtain to it. Install a curved shower curtain rod.

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blown in shower by wife
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blown in shower by wife
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