Dating guys shorter than you

Until I met him. We have to make a few adjustments if we want to be intimate but when we're cuddling, we're the same height anyways. I certainly don't let my 5'10" stature stop me from enjoying this wonder of Nature! I'm nearly 5'9" and he's 5'7". So for anyone out there too weirded out by height reversal, scared to take the risk, or ashamed to stand next to a shorter boy, all I have to say to you is to just let go of what society has been telling girls since the beginning of time. But as a man who is 6'2 I've always wanted to date a woman taller than me.

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Short guys tend to stand out in a crowd.

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I'm married to one! The thing that is most frustrating is actually my proportions because I have a really long torso. When I met him, I thought to myself that he wasn't really my physical "type" - I had always dated taller men a challenge, being a taller-than-average woman - and then I thought "Well, it would be really shitty to pass up a great guy because of something as insignificant as height. No seeking medical advice. If you are currently three months pregnant and dying from some kind of terrible mutant death-cold, I might be you! Mengencani Pria Bertubuh Pendek. I kind of love it.

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dating guys shorter than you
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dating guys shorter than you
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