Flight Cancellations

Over the past few years, airlines have been looking for different ways to cutback on costs by providing fewer flight crews and available aircrafts, causing flight cancellations. Other cancellations may be caused by whether conditions that are most prevalent in the spring and winter months or due to maintenance issues.

Unfortunately, for domestic US flights, there are no federal regulations requiring compensations for delayed or canceled flights. Though each airline does provide their own policies for compensation for delays or cancellations. Compensations may include hotels, alternate flights where possible, meals, etc., you should check their policies ahead of time.

On the other hand, European flight compensation for flight cancellations are guaranteed by the European Passenger Rights Regulation EU 261/04.

There are certain conditions that passengers are entitled to compensation up to €600. There are various circumstances that can decide the level of compensation. The airlines must provide an alternate flight due to cancellation depending on when the passenger was informed of the cancellation. In regard to an alternate flight’s arrival, compared to the original flight, compensation may drop to 50%.

Other circumstances such as overbooking or flight delays, the EU 261/04 may allow compensation up to €600 if you arrive at your destinations 3 or more hours off schedule.

Under extraordinary circumstances, a grounded flight, strikes or airport threats; the airlines are exempt from paying refunds. Also if a passenger has been informed of a canceled flight 14 days or more ahead of time, you will not be entitled to compensation. If you are at your gate at the time of a cancellation, it’s very important that you stay at that gate! The gate agent will inform passengers of alternatives, such as a different aircraft that is probably at a different gate. They will also provide other information should another aircraft not be available.

When does an airline decide on a cancellation?

They will consider a flight cancellation with two factors, the flight did not take place and the passenger has fulfilled all conditions before the flight is canceled. This means, your flight was booked ahead of the cancellation and you have your documents (i.e. ticket for the said flight). Keep in mind, a delayed flight is not considered a cancellation.

What if my flight left earlier than it was supposed to?

If your flight departs earlier than it was scheduled to and you miss the flight, that’s considered a cancellation.

What if I’m placed on a different flight but does not arrive at the airport I needed?

Let’s say you had a reservation to fly to a certain city and arrive at XYZ Airport, instead the flight goes to a different airport also located in the same city. You must return to the original airport area and this will mean travel costs. The airline is required to pay you for the added travel expenditures. You should talk to an airline representative, ahead of time, in case this happens and find out their policy on travel compensation.

I cancel my own flight, what can I expect?

There are terms and conditions set down by the airline at the time you booked your flight. Should you decide not to board the flight, different conditions may apply. Some airlines will deduct processing fees from the total cost or only a small amount will be reimbursed due to taxes and other fees. You should check with the airline and find out what your eligibility for compensation is and in what time frame.

Have an expert process your claim:

Again, with the exception of some circumstances, passengers have rights under Regulation EU 261/04 that states compensation is due in the event of cancellation, delays or denied boarding due to overbooking. Research online for sites that help passengers with cancellation claims. If you choose to file a claim at FlightCompensations.info, carryout the following steps:

Enter the flight information regarding the cancellation and put it in their calculator, located on the site.

The calculator will let you know how much you will be compensated.

Sign off on their “power of attorney” and they will take care of the claim on your behalf. They will contact the airline and if the airline denies compensation due to a cancellation, they will take your claim to court (at no added cost to you).

FlightCompensations.info has a large network of lawyers familiar with the regulations and laws set down for the protection of airline passengers. Once the airline has made payment, FlightCompensations.info will keep a small commission of 25% (+VAT) and transfer the rest directly to your bank account.