Flight Delay Compensation: What You Are Entitled To

Is your flight delayed? Then you entitle to compensation: the Denied Boarding Regulation claims you can refund dependently on the Jerseys length of your delay and your flight. Read our article to find out more about your rights!

Compensation depends on your flight distance and your delay length. Calculate the miles and waiting hours to verify what category you belong to:

  • a flight under 932 miles (1 500 km) delayed by at least 2 hours
  • a From flight over 932 miles within the EU delayed by at least 2 hours
  • a flight between 932 and 2 175 miles (3 500 km) outside the EU delayed by at least 3 hours
  • any flight delayed for at least 3 hours

If you fit one of these categories, you have the right to get 1 particular things for free:

  • 2 phone calls, faxes, or emails
  • meals and refreshments
  • hotel accommodation and transfers if you have to stay overnight

Moreover, if your flight id delayed by over 5 hours, the airline must provide you with a re-route or a reimbursement of expenses (just as if your trip is cancelled).

How to know if you are entitled to compensation?

This actually depends on the reason for the delay. For instance, if your trip is delayed due to “extraordinary circumstances” – and the airline can prove it – sorry, you can’t claim any compensation.

What are extraordinary circumstances? Those are situations the airline can’t control, such as bad weather conditions, political conflicts (including strikes), and security risks – anything that makes a flight dangerous. However, you are for still entitled to free meals, call, accommodation, and other things we have specified above.

Remember that air companies may establish their specific rules for extraordinary circumstances. So if you don’t agree on the delay reason, you can challenge your airline or even ask their regulator for assistance.

Calculating your flight delay compensation

As we have already stated, the sum of your repayment is linked to the number of miles you are supposed to fly and the number of hours you spend on waiting. See the table below to define how much you can claim:

Flight distance

Delay length

Refund amount

< 1 500 km / 932 miles

> 3 hrs


> 1 500 km / 932 miles within the EU


1 500 km-3 500 km / 2 175 miles outside the EU

> 3 hrs


> 3 500 km / 2 175 miles

3-4 hrs


> 3 500 km / 2 175 miles

> 4 hrs


Denied Boarding Regulation

On 23 October 2012, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) approved that passengers are cheap mlb jerseys entitled to compensation for delays of three or more hours. Besides, “technical problems” can’t be the reason for a delay according to this regulation.

Alternative dispute resolution: what’s this all about?

If your complaint about the airline performance hasn’t been resolved, they must provide you with A the scheme for alternative dispute resolution (also known as ADR). If you feel your compensation claim is refused MAGAZINE: unfairly, you can ask a legal counsel for assistance or apply directly to the small claims court.

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